2012 - The Plays I saw

Clybourne Park - Mark Taper Forum
A Raisin in the Sun - Kirk Douglas Theatre
Merrily We Roll Along - Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Red - Mark Taper Forum
The Dinosaur Within - Theatre @ Boston Court
Ulysseys - CCM
Arcadia - CCM
La Cenerentola - CCM
The Rake's Progress - CCM
Warhorse - Ahmanson Theatre
Comedy of Errors - Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
Peter and the Starcatcher - Broadway
A Little Night Music - East/West Players
Stoneface - Sacred Fools
Once - Broadway
The Exorcist - Geffen Playhouse
Avenue Q - Theatre 3, Dallas
Chicago - Dallas Theatre Center
Seminar - The Ahmanson Theatre
The Government Inspector - The Theatre @ Boston Court
Titus Andronicus - Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
November - The Mark Taper Forum
The Psychic Life of Savages - LATC
The Metal Children - UC Riverside
Book of Mormon - Pantages Theatre
The Naughty List - OTR Improv/Know Theatre
Pluto (reading) - Theatre @ Boston Court
Gatz - REDCat/Elevator Repair Service
The Fisherman's Wife - Ensemble Theatre LA
Anything Goes - Ahmanson Theatre

Oh, you know.

Well, hello live journal.

So what's up with me?

Yesterday I went to see the play Gatz which is a six hour show that involves a reading of the entire text of The Great Gatsby. It was brilliant.

Also, Elizabeth is now a member of the Writer's Guild, so we now get DVDs sent to us in the mail by studios and can often get movie tickets for free. Hooray!

I go back to Cincinnati on Monday to design a show, then I'm home in LA for the rest of December.

How are you?

2011 - The Plays I Saw

I believe this is incomplete. Need to check against my calendar...

Fela! - Ahmanson Theatre
Iris - Cirque du Soleil
Elektra - The Stokastik Ensemble
The Adding Machine - UCLA
Bring It On: The Musical - Ahmanson Theatre
The Dinosaur Within - Boston Court
Richard III - Theatricum Botanicum
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
Sleep No More - Punchdrunk
D is for Dog
The Gospel According to First Squad - LA Theatre Ensemble
Dreams from a Dying City - Hollywood Fringe
Group - Hollywood Fringe
Voices of Chernobyl - Hollywood Fringe
The Barking Pig - Hollywood Fringe
Spaceship Man - Hollywood Fringe
Headscarf and the Angry Bitch - Hollywood Fringe
Ms. Magnolia Beaumont Goes to Provincetown - Cincy Fringe
You Only Live Forever Twice - Cincy Fringe
Peyote Business Lunch - Cincy Fringe
Heavier Than... - Boston Court
Next to Normal - Ahmanson Theatre
How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found - Boston Court
Nevermore -
God of Carnage - Ahmanson Theatre

Long Time no Post.

I haven't posted here publicly in a very long time.

So, hey, how's it going?

I'm in LA now. Have I mentioned that? Things are good.

I had to squish a Black Widow today, but that's what I get for living in the desert.

If you're interested in hearing from me more regularly, Twitter is probably the place for that. I'm @hungerf9.

There's also Google+, but I haven't yet spent as much time there as I'd like.

Also, I should probably change the title of this journal. Nights Best Unspoken is a remnant from my angsty grad school days. I'm not really angsty right now, haven't been for a few years. Maybe I'm a bit overworked, but I'm actually really happy.

There are regrets, times I recall as I look back in this journal (and times before this journal started) that I wish that I had been a better person, but we're all works in progress. That's what I'm striving for: progress.

All right, time to go. I'll at least see you all back here for my annual media round up. Maybe I'll pop in again before that.

2010 - The Plays I Saw

Dreamgirls - Ahmanson Theatre
RFK: Journey to Justice - Skirball Center
Baal - Sacred Fools
Magnum Opus - Sacred Fools
The History of Invulnerability - Cincinnati Playhouse
A Short Lecture of a Different Time - Cincy Fringe
The Water Draft - Cincy Fringe
A Brief History of Petty Crime - Cincy Fringe
The Finkles' Theatre Show - Cincy Fringe
Tantric Acting at the Holiday Inn - Cincy Fringe
Aberrant Reflections on the Barbarism of You and I - Cincy Fringe
Soul Juice - Cincy Fringe
Tantric Acting at the Holiday Inn - Cincy Fringe
Just Say Know - Cincy Fringe
Harold - Cincy Fringe
The End is Near - Cincy Fringe
Blue Collar Diaries - Cincy Fringe
Taming of the Shrew - Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
South Pacific - Ahmanson Theatre
Unscripted: Unscripted! - Unscripted Theatre Company
Equivocation - Marin Theatre Company
In The Heights - Pantageous Theatre
Ghost Stories - West End
Danton's Death - West End
Warhorse - West End (National Theatre)
Hair - West End
The Railway Children - Waterloo Station
Billy Elliot - West End
Next to Normal - Ahmanson Theatre
A Christmas Carol - South Coast Repertory
A Tale of Two Genres - Unscripted Theatre Company

Plus all the shows from the Edinburgh Fringe in my previous post.

List of Edinburgh Fringe shows seen

Ed Fringe Shows Seen:

The Wake, Bedlam
The Tempest, Quaker Meeting House
Hacker and Muldoon, The Vault
Keepers, Paleasance Courtyard
To Be Continued..., The Vault
Indiana Jones and the Pantomime Horse, Augustine's
Photo 51, Zoo Rozy
My Dearest Byron, C Venues
The Star Child, Sweet
Otherwise, Sweet
Bare, The Spaces on the Mile
Virtuous Flock, C Soco
River in Hiding, The Spaces on the mile
Dildon't!, The Spaces on the mile
The Boy James, C Soco (The House Above)
2020 Vision, Augustine's
Bane, The GRV
Bane 2, Pleasance Dome
Terrible Tales of the Midnight Chorus, Bedlam
Follwing Wendy, C Soco

Aug 22.
History Boys, Spotlites

Aug 23.
Wolf, The Caves
Cirque de Legume, Gilded Balloon
Barbershopera - Apocalypse? No!, Pleasance Dome
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy!, FreeFringe
Face, C Soco

Aug 24.
Our Share of Tomorrow, Pleasance Courtyard
Now is the Winter, The Vault
Death of a Samurai, Augustine's
Testaclese and ye Sack of Rome, Espionage

Aug 25.
Hamlet! The Musical, Pleasance
Beautiful Burnout, Pleasance
Tripod vs. The Dragon, Assembly

Aug 26.
No Shows Today!
Instead: Arthur's Seat, Whiskey Tasting, Fabulous dinner at Chez Jules

Aug 27.
Axis of Awesome: Songs in the Key of Awesome, Gilded Balloon
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets on the Telly, Gilded Balloon

Aug 28.
Tabu, The Big Top

Aug 29.
Laundry and Bourbon, Augustine's
The Giggleball (will go ahead despite zombie attack), Augustine's

Adding Machine Reviews

Adding Machine has an amazing script and score, and I think that our production does a wonderful job of making a piece of expressionist theatre human and accessible.

The process was, for the most part, wonderful, as I got to work with my friend and mentor Michael Burnham. It got a little crazy at the end when I had to take on more design responsibility than I anticipated, but as a whole the show contains some of the best work I've done in my tenure at the Know.

Here are some review snippets:

"Andrew Hungerford’s stark, ingenious production design blinks with binary precision and cranks and creaks like the cruel machinery of commerce itself. In Burnham’s dynamic staging, with most furnishings replaced by objects of containment and torture, the performers literally turn the winches of their own destruction." - CityBeat

"A sparse, industrial steel set, with pulleys and sliding metal frames, is inventively used as supplied by Andrew Hungerford. Mr. Hungerford is also responsible for the stark and varied lighting." - Talkin' Broadway

"Andrew Hungerford’s scenic design contributes enormously to the whole. Among his inspirations: three panels of intersecting metal rods effectively stand in for a glass-windowed office building, a claustrophobic living room and a jail cell." - Cincinnati Enquirer

If you're anywhere near Cincinnati, you should go see this show. Tickets are only $12.

The Shows I Saw: 2009

In approximately chronological order.

Minsky's - Ahmanson Theatre, LA
Dead City - New Stage Collective
Blackbird - Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Bureau of Missing Persons - Cornerstone Theatre Company
Eurydice - Know Theatre of Cincinnati
Timon of Athens - Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
[.com]passion side show #2 - The Space@PermaFringe
Pear Slices - Pear Theatre, Mountain View, CA
Puberty - Impact Theatre, Berkeley, CA
Magic Forest Farm - Marin Theatre Company
Thom Pain (based on nothing) - Cutting Ball Theatre, San Francisco CA
Jekyll and Hyde - Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
The Little Foxes - Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
Blithe Spirit - Broadway
Mary Stuart - Broadway
Kill Me Deadly - Theatre of Note, LA
Bach at Leipzig - Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, LA
Oleanna - Mark Taper Forum, LA
Medea - UCLA Live
Cymbeline - Actor's Gang, LA
Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas - Geffen Playhouse, LA
Spamalot - Ahmanson Theatre, LA
American Idiot - Berkeley Rep
Awake and Sing - Aurora Theatre, Berkeley CA
Victoria Musica - Cincinnati Playhouse in the PArk
Dead Man's Cell Phone - Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati
The Three Sisters - Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
August: Osage County - Ahmandson Theatre
Cirque: Ka - MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Cirque: Zumanity - NY, NY, Las Vegas
Equivocation - Geffen Playhouse, LA
Hair - CCM, Cincinnati
Taming of the Shrew - Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
Mary Poppins - Ahmanson Theatre, LA
Hamlet Shut Up - Sacred Fools, LA
Magnum Opus - Sacred Fools, LA
Christmas Carol'd - Performance Network, Ann Arbor MI

The Wild Things

Saw the movie last night and really enjoyed it. It's beautiful and melancholy. It definitely feels like there is a lot of Dave Eggers in the screenplay.

I thought it was interesting how the real world of the movie seems to be set no later than mid-1990's: the cars, the computer, Max's sister's disc man, Max's legos. I suspect that's in part because contemporary accoutrements would cause a disconnect for viewers of my generation: it wouldn't feel like childhood to us.

Anyway, thought it was a lovely tone poem about fear, understanding, love.

And it didn't give me the raging fantods like Star Trek did.