nights best unspoken


12 October
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I'm a theatrical lighting designer/theatre artist. 2002 graduate of Michigan State, 2005 graduate of University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. A more meaningful description follows:

I stare at people when I don't think they notice (but they probably do). I have lied when it does matter. I sometimes exaggerate in order to make something a good story. When I don't exaggerate, I can tell bad stories. I am self-conscious that it seems I can only write about me. I am oddly sentimental in my post-modernism. I am trusting. I like wombats. I expect too much. I take comfort in the large, but finite. I suspect that I'm better at reinvention than creation. I often hide behind my words. I am way less serious than this description implies.

Hire me to design lights for you. http://lighting.ofdoom.com